To date I have successfully photographed more than 350 species of birds normally found in Southern Africa. With a database of more than 4000 images, most of the birds can  be viewed in different poses and activities, also identification between male, female, chicks and immature birds. Not all available images are displayed here.

Image naming convention follows that from the Newman's Birds of Southern Africa (fully revised) and include the alternative and international names. 

Abbreviations forming part of the naming convention are:

m=male,  f=female,  i=immature,  br=breeding colours,  n-br=non-breeding colours, c=chick

All images are available to the media, publishing agencies, private individuals or corporate clients.  Feel free to contact me should you wish to make use of my images.  Pricing is dependant on usage and will be quoted on when requested.

Feel free to contact me for any specific requirements you may have.




Species Listing (not all are listed)

Apalis_Bar-throated    Avocet_(Pied)   

Babbler_Arrow-marked    Babbler_Pied_Southern    Barbet_Black-collared    Barbet_Crested   Barbet White-eared   Bateleur    Batis_Chin-spot    Batis_Pririt   Bee-eater_European    Bee-eater_White-fronted    Bishop_Red_(Southern   Bishop Yellow-crowned Bittern_Little    Bokmakierie      Boubou_Southern    Bulbul_Cape  Bulbul Dark-capped   Bulbul Red-eyed African              Bunting Cinnamon-breasted    Bunting Golden-breasted    Bush-Shrike Grey-headed    Bush-Shrike Orange-breasted    Bustard_Denhams   Bustard Kori  Buzzard_(Steppe) Common    Buzzard Honey European    Buzzard Jackal    

Canary_Black-throated     Canary Cape    Canary_Yellow    Canary Yellow-fronted     Chat_Ant-eating_(Southern)    Chat Cliff Mocking   Chat_Familiar     Cisticola Lazy   Cisticola_Levaillant's   Cisticola Wailing   Cisticola Zitting     Coot_Red-knobbed   Cormorant Bank    Cormorant_Cape    Cormorant_Crowned    Cormorant_Reed    Cormorant_White-breasted       

Coucal_Burchells    Courser_Double-banded    Crake African  Crake_Black    Crake Spotted   Crane_Blue    Crane_Crowned Grey    Crombec Long-billed   Crow_Cape    Crow_Pied    Cuckoo_Diederik    Cuckoo Levaillants   Cuckoo_Red-chested       Cuckooshrike_Black   

Darter_African    Dove (Ring-necked) Turtle Cape   Dove_Laughing    Dove_Namaqua    Dove_Red-eyed    Dove Rock   Dove Wood Emerald-spotted    Drongo_Fork-tailed    Duck_Black African    Duck Black-bellied   Duck_Knob-billed    Duck_Maccoa    Duck_Whisteling Fulvous     Duck Whisteling White-faced    Duck_White-backed    Duck_Wood    Duck_Yellow-billed            

Eagle Fish African    Eagle_Snake_Black-chested    Eagle Snake Brown   Eagle Tawny   Eagle Verreauxs     Egret (Intermediate) Yellow-billed   Egret_Cattle Wastern    Egret_Great    Egret_Little    Eremomela_Green-capped   

Flacon Amur    Finch (Weaver) Scaly-feathered    Finch_Cuckoo    Finch_Cut-throat     Finch_Red-headed    Firefinch Jamisons    Firefinch Red-billed    Fiscal (Common) Southern    Flamingo_Greater    Flufftail Red-chested    Flycatcher Ashy   Flycatcher_Black_(Southern)    Flycatcher Dusky African   Flycatcher_Fairy    Flycatcher_Fiscal    Flycatcher_Marico     Flycatcher_Paradise_(African)     Flycatcher_Spotted       Francolin_Crested    Francolin Orange River     Francolin Red-winged  

Go-away-bird Grey    Godwit Black-tailed    Goose_Egyptian    Goose Spur-winged    Goshawk Chanting Pale    Goshawk Gabar   Grassbird_Cape    Grebe_Great_Crested    Grebe Little    Greenbul Sombre    Greenshank_Common     Guineafowl Crested    Guineafowl_Helmeted     Gull_Franklin's    Gull_Grey-headed    Gull_Hartlaub's    Gull Kelp   

Hamerkop    Harrier Marsh African    Hawk Harrier- African   Heron (Striated) Green-backed    Heron Black   Heron_Black-headed    Heron_Goliath     Heron_Grey    Heron_Night_Black-crowned    Heron_Purple    Heron_Squacco    Honeybird Brown-backed   Hoopoe_African    Hornbill_Grey_African    Hornbill_Ground_Southern    Hornbill_Red-billed    Hornbill Yellow-billed Southern   

Ibis_Bald_Southern    Ibis_Glossy    Ibis_Hadeda    Ibis_Sacred_(African)   Indigobird Purple

Jacana African

Kestrel_Greater    Kesterl Lesser    Kestrel_Rock    Kingfisher_Brown-hooded    Kingfisher_Giant    Kingfisher_Half-collared    Kingfisher_Malachite    Kingfisher_Pied    Kingfisher_Woodland      Kite_Black-winged    Kite_Yellow-billed    Korhaan_Black_Northern   

Lapwing Blacksmith   Lapwing Crowned    Lapwing Wattled African    Lark Fawn-coloured    Lark Flappet    Lark Melodious    Lark Monotonous    Lark Red-capped    Lark_Rufous-naped    Lark Sabota    Longclaw Cape    Longclaw Yelow-throated          

Mallard    Manniken_Bronze    Martin_Banded    Martin Brown-throated   Martin_House    Martin Rock    Moorhen_(Common)    Mousebird_Red-faced        Mousebird_Speckled    Mynah Common   


Openbill African   Oriole_Black-headed    Osprey Western    Ostrich_(Common)    Owl Barn Western   Owl_Eagle- Cape   Owl Eagle- Spotted Owl_Eagle- Verreauxs    Owl_Grass_African        Oxpecker Red-billed   Oystercatcher_African_Black   

Parakeet Rose-ringed   Parrot_Brown-headed    Peafowl_Indian     Pelican Pink-backed    Pelican_White_Great      Penguin_African    Penguin_Rockhopper    Pigeon_Green_African    Pigeon_Olive_African    Pigeon_Speckled      Pipet_African    Pipet_Plain-backed    Pipet Buffy   Pipit_Long-billed    Plover Kittlitz's    Plover Ringed Common    Plover_Three-banded    Plover_White-fronted    Pochard_Southern    Prinia Black-chested    Prinia_Karoo    Prinia_Tawnyflanked    Puffback_Black-backed    Pytilia Green-winged   


Rail_African     Raven_White-necked     Robin Scrub Kalahari   Robin Scrub White-browed     Robin-chat_Cape   Robin-chat Red-capped   Robin-chat White-throated    Roller_European    Roller_Lilac-breasted    Ruff   

Sandpiper Common  Sandpiper Marsh    Sandpiper_Wood    Secretarybird    Seedeater Streaky-headed    Shelduck_South African    Shoveler_Cape    Shrike Crimson-breasted    Shrike Grey Lesser    Shrike Magpie    Shrike_Red-backed    Snipe_African    Sparrow_Cape    Sparrow Great    Sparrow_Grey-headed_Southern    Sparrow_House    Sparrowhawk Black    Sparrowhawk Ovambo   Sparrow-weaver White-browed    Spoonbill_African    Spurfowl Cape   Spurfowl Natal   Spurfowl Red-necked   Spurfowl Swainsons     Starling_Glossy_Cape    Starling_Glossy_Blue-eared_Greater    Starling_Burchell's    Starling_Common      Starling_Pied_(African)     Starling_Red-winged  Violet-backed     Starling Wattled   Stilt_Black-winged    Stint Little    Stonechat_(African)    Stork Marabou   Stork_Saddle-billed    Stork_White    Stork Wooly-necked    Stork_Yellow-billed      Sugarbird_Cape    Sunbird_Amethyst    Sunbird Collared   Sunbird_Double-collared_Greater    Sunbird_Double-collared_Lesser_(Southern)    Sunbird Malachite    Sunbird Marico    Sunbird Olive    Sunbird Purple-banded    Sunbird Scarlet-chested     Sunbird_White-bellied   Swallow_Barn    Swallow_Pearl-breasted    Swallow Red-breasted   Swallow_Striped_Greater    Swallow_Striped_Lesser    Swallow_White-throated   Swamphen African Purple   Swift Little    Swift Palm African    Swift White-rumped  

Teal_Cape    Teal_Hottentot    Teal_Red-billed    Teal_Ringed    Tern Caspian    Tern Sandwich   Tern_Swift    Tern_Whiskered    Tern_White-winged    Thick-knee Spotted    Thick-knee Water    Thrush_Groundscraper    Thrush_Karoo   Thrush_Kurrichane    Thrush_Olive   Thrush Rock Cape    Thrush Rock Short-toed    Tinkerbird_Yellowfronted    Tit_Black_Southern    Tit-Babbler (Warbler) Chestnut-vented    Turaco Knysna  Turaco Purple-crested   Turnstone_Ruddy   

Vulture_Cape    Vulture Lappet-faced  Vulture Palm-nut   Vulture White-backed   Wagtail_Cape    Wagtail_Pied_African   

Warbler Marsh    Warbler Reed African   Warbler Reed Great    Warbler_Sedge  Warbler Swamp Lesser    Warbler_Willow    Waxbill_Blue   Waxbill_Common    Waxbill Grey    Waxbill_Orange-breasted   Waxbill Violet-eared   Weaver (Eastern Golden) Yellow    Weaver Buffalo Red-billed     Weaver_Cape    Weaver_Masked_Lesser    Weaver_Masked_Southern    Weaver_Red-headed    Weaver Sociable    Weaver Spectacled    Weaver_Thick-billed   Weaver_Village      Wheatear_Capped   Wheatear Mountain    White-eye_Cape   Whitethroat Common   Whydah Paradise Long-tailed    Whydah_Pin-tailed   Widowbird Fantailed  Widowbird_Long-tailed    Widowbird_Red-collared    Widowbird_White-winged        Wood-hoopoe_Green    Woodpecker_Cardinal     Woodpecker_Golden-tailed     Woodpecker Olive     Wryneck_Redthroated