Presented by Simon Du Plessis



This workshop is aimed at the beginning photographer who wish to learn more about the basics of photography, and presents an introduction to the different genres in photography, such as landscape, sport, portraiture, macro etc.  This workshop will not make you for example a specialist landscape photographer, but will provide the basic knowledge to start taking acceptable landscape photographs and will aid the beginning photographer in deciding which genre's he/she would like to specialize in or for which to develop specialist skills by attending advanced workshops.

The workshop will be presented in two separate modules; a theoretical module and a practical, hands-on module.  The syllabus which will be followed include the following: 

General Introduction 

*                 Abbreviations

*                  Preparation

*                  Requirements for a great image


 *                  Lenses

*                  Cameras

*                  Support

*                  Other (bags, storage, etc)

Handling the camera: Settings - Creative modes, metering, AF modes, WB, ISO etc

Composition and Framing

 *                 Elements of a strong picture

*                  Rule of thirds

*                  Foreground

*                  Background

*                  Viewpoint

*                  Lighting         


The basic requirements for photographing:

*                  Landscapes

*                  Portraiture

*                  Sport and Action

*                  Wildlife and birding

*                  Macro

*                  Still life 


Hands-on at different venues.